Refund Policy dealt to broadcast and distribute qualitative merchandise at low price. Despite of being online processor trading pharmacy we strongly believe in the healthiness and healthiness’ of our customer dually. By our esteem we have choose to keep the price low so that anybody from any background can manage to pay for and access our drug worldwide to vigor their health wisely. Customer satisfaction is our main aspect. And therefore holding those in mind we have determine our refund policy cleverly. Apply it once before igniting any purchase further ahead.
In case if the shipped parcel is late or not reached the stated destination on time or if the consignment is received in the discredited condition or is else merchandise is wrongly shipped or wrongly reached than we’ll instigate to refund or reship the whole consignment instantly depending upon the customer prerequisite. But only after investigating the whole matter precisely, and if the mistake is done by our side than our refund policy will answer effectively.
Thus, for inducting the refund policy the customer should render the order confirmation number initially. And then the refund policy becomes void only if the delivered merchandise is returned within 30 days or else if the obtains Return Merchandise Number from the concern customer. Besides customer are eligible for reshipment of their mislaid, delayed order only within 7 days from the date of delivery.
And the refund policy will only come into existence if our shipping departs receives formerly shipped merchandise timely. Apart, Drug once shipped cannot be returned or changed until and unless the customer goes troughs genuine valid bother.
And if all this turns up true, than you are eligible to get refund {credited to your account} but obligatorily within 15 days regard to as credit card holders account.