Shipping Policy

A client gets ratification through an e-mail once the order is laid and confirmed with If any misconception or misunderstanding subsists regarding the E-mail than the client has to again lay down the order because it is assume that the previous order was not registered/process in our processor.
Clients are requested to come back to us when the laid order is not deliver or take much more time that of the initial time to deliver. Our customer care administrator team is availing 24/7 to assistant you in any case. They will assistant you to track your parcel by employing the tracking number so that you can know all details about your merchandise shipment. If you come across any mistake or untimely delivery than you can simply call our customer care administrator, and we’ll reship the order free of cost or else refund your wholesome money consequently.
If , in case the client unfortunately fail to spot the delivery or is unable to receive the delivery than he can certainly leave a note submitting the referred person’s name, address, telephone number etc who is entitled to receive it on their behalf. Or else if not than the shipping person will leave his name, address, telephone number on your door site, so that you can contact him immediately after receiving the note and can also call him for a re-delivery. Thus, the shipment methods employed by AspireMeds.Com are DHL, TNT, USPS and FedEx etc wisely.
For Future queries concerning shipping policy you can unquestionably contact our customer care administrator team hassle-free. As they are avail 24/7 to assistance you.